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How Much Sleep Should We Get?

How much sleep are you getting these days? If you are like most people, not nearly enough. Do you know how much sleep you are supposed to be getting? Did you know that sleep is a necessary for healthy living? Do you know what a ‘good nights’ sleep feels like? Have you ever had a good night’s sleep? When was the last time you felt rested? Did you know that how much sleep you get all depends on how old you are? According to a study done by National Sleep Foundation, how much sleep is actually needed depends on each individual person. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself include: Do you depend on caffeine to make it through the day? Do you suffer from any health issues? Are you currently having sleep issues? Is your body content with seven hours of sleep or do you require more? Do you feel tired while driving? For adults, the study found that they need between seven to nine hours of sleep in order to feel ‘well-rested’. Is there such a thing as too much sleep? Could too much sleep make you sleepy? What about the thought that too much sleep can make you sleepy? While it is vital to get enough sleep, sometimes it is the quality of sleep that makes you fatigued not how much sleep you get.


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Highest Paying Jobs a Master’s Degree

Finally, you have qualified your bachelor’s exam, and now it/s time to decide to choose your master’s degree program and your career path. Many employers in the market demand a higher education degree holder for the advertised job. So before entering in your career path, you must have knowledge and guide about several master’s programs, which would help you to move up in your career track. Higher education also helps you to move on senior level professions. Holding a master’s degree, it would also help to increase your annual earning. Let’s take a look on mentioned below jobs, which require master’s degree education, and would help you in flourishing your career. These jobs are highly paying jobs in market, you can choose as your interest and passion, which also beneficial for your career track:

  1. Cardiologist: Cardiologists are the medical doctors, which are responsible to diagnose and treat disorders of cardiovascular system such as heart, veins and arteries. These professionals have high level of responsibilities; also cardiologist job is one of the highly paying jobs. Bachelor’s or master’s degree with working experience is required for this job. A cardiologist can earn easily up to $396,093 average per year as per latest salary survey of 2017.
  2. Physician: As a Physician you have lot of opportunities to step in your career, and can earn up to $238,922 average per year. Physician job duties includeexamine patients, taking patient’s medical histories, prescribe medications and order diagnostic tests.
  3. Director Product Management: one of the highest paying job roles is director product management. These professionals can earn up to $213,034 per average year. Master’s degree holders can step up into this position with several years of experience. This job role includes the responsibilities of designing, developing and overseeing the product’s development cycle and also manage product’s requirement to meet the business deliverables.
  4. Psychiatrist: A psychiatrist can earn easily average salary of $212,655 per year. This is one of the highest paying jobs of 2017. Psychiatrists are responsible to evaluate the mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. They help the patients to get rid from mental sickness, depression and other disorders etc.
  5. Plant Manager: Plant managers are responsible for organization of daily operations of manufacturing plants, ensure safety and efficiency of the production plants, test and monitoring of plant processes etc. One of the great jobs typically includes level of experience and skills of decision making and problem analysis. A plant manager can earn up to $152,499 average per year, as per latest salary survey of 2017.
  6. Data Architect: <a href=””>CertsChief</a> IT field is emerging day by day. Professionals in IT sector are earning much. One of the highest paying jobs in IT market is data architect, which is responsible designing, creating, developing and managing the data architecture of organizations. Data Architect can excel in his career with good salary. A data architect can earn more than $135, 93 average salaries per year.
  7. Petroleum Engineers: Petroleum engineer’s job responsibility includes assessing potential location, design and supervision of the process for getting oil and natural gas out of the ground and into storage tanks. Most of the petroleum engineers work for oil and gas companies, but some of them work for companies that do the business of selling equipment, machines and tools to oil companies. The minimum bachelor’s qualification is required for this job. These engineers can get average salary of $129,990 per year.
  8. Marketing Managers: Marketing managers are multitalented professionals which plays vital role in marketing sector. Their primary responsibility is to increase company’s sales and profit according to market trend and competition. Their average yearly salary is $128,750. And bachelor’s degree or master’s degree is minimum required for this job.
  9. Software Architect: One of the most demanding and highest paying jobs from IT market is software architect. These professionals can earn easily up to $ $128,422 per year. The software architect is one who creates or constructs the overall skeleton of the program or application and the software architect have to make sure the use of the application in a right way and expected to design new solutions and technology in a real time.
  10. Enterprise Architect: These professionals are responsible for creation, maintenance, and management of IT architecture models. An enterprise architect’s job is full of dealing with IT challenging and digital transformation. These professionals can earn $126,753average salary per year.
  11. Air Traffic Controllers: Air Traffic Controllers are responsible to coordinate with arrival and departure of planes, monitoring, directing and controlling of the air traffic movement. Associate degree is required for the job of air traffic controller. And the average salary of air traffic controllers is $122,950 per year.
  12. Applications Development Manager: application development managers are responsible for company’s applications development and analysis the functions. They evaluates existing application systems to determines the technical changes , scheduling of projects and resources etc. bachelor’s or master’s degree holders can become application development manager with several years of experience. An application development manager can earn salary up to $119,283 per year. This profession can also lead you in highest paying careers.
  13. Pharmacist: Pharmacist is responsible to prepare medications by reviewing and interpreting physician’s prescription. You can step up in this career after graduation or master’s degree/ a pharmacist can earn easily up to $112,000 (average per year).
  14. Computer hardware Engineer: Computer hardware engineers are responsible for creation, design, development and testing of <a href=””>IBM</a> computer hardware such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices and routers etc. Minimum education requirement is bachelor’s degree. A computer hardware engineer can earn average salary of $111,730 per year.
  15. Chemical Engineers: Chemical engineers are responsible to design and develop chemical manufacturing processes. Their duties included developing of raw materials into useful products, designing plant and equipment configuration. They work closely with chemist and control engineers. Annually salary for chemical engineers in the start of their careersranges between $64,800 and $108,000. Bachelor degree holders can start their career and can get a lot of future opportunities to flourish their career.