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 Presentation of the policy   in an attractive way through Social Media  for insurance agents and wining the confident of the customer is the primary aim in the development of business. The insurance products presented should be unique in their nature when compared to others in terms of cost and benefit.  Reputation of the Insurance Agent or Insurance Agency should be highlighted and the company lead report in brief need be mentioned.

social media for insurance agents
1 Better Understanding of the Insurance customer behaviour:

            Understanding the behaviour of customers in the insurance policy selection need be analysed   by firms who are experienced in the line and targeting such customers in Insurance Business will be easy.  With the usage of social media it is easy to get in touch with large number of people and focus on them.

  1. Digital customer acquisition

            Products and services which are presented in digital content in every channel in an optimal way promote insurance business.  Utilisation of best services available in the line and plan, process and present best picture of the product is of vital importance.

  1. Better Communication and High Level of Service:

            In the process of using Social Media communication is the key and acquisition, retention and development of business. Response to the enquiries should be convincing, dependable and confidence building way.

  1. Mobile marketing with customer

            Since every individual is connected with a personal device it is convenient to connect increased brand reach. Social captures digital life of the users and the contact and connectivity will be faster

  1. Sentiment analysis

            The human behaviour   is sometimes based on the sentiments. The sentiments play a role in selection of the product. There is need to analyse the sentiments of the people.

            Customer sentiments can be analysed with the use of Social Media as to how and why a particular brand is able to increase business gradually and our performance can be developed with the inputs media for insurance agents

  1. Low price with optimal benefits

            The insurance cost should be low and attractive to the customer. Variations and alternative packages should also be available to the customer, though with a slightly higher cost. The extra cost should cover more benefits. Then the customer chooses the products suitable.

     7.Introducing new trends of the day

            New Insurance firms offer attractive packages. In order to compete and stay, change of the products is necessary with more and more new packages.

  1. Build long lasting friendship:

            The Insurance agent should be friendly to the customer and obtain his information and explain the suitability of the product. The suggestion should be in such a way fully convincing the customer and get the business. Any call in the social media should be immediately answered and build friendship.

  1. Update circulars

            It is necessary to update the latest circulars, new products, incentives to the customer through social media, if necessary by phone or personal visit.

            This will lead to bonding between the customer and agent. New business will also be gained with ease.