Kikass Movies Search Engines

Kickass movies search engine or Kickass Torrents is another torrent site which facilitated the masses by providing torrent files and magnet links. Most commonly known as It follows the Bit Torrent protocol of pier to pier file sharing. The site which was founded in November 2008, become a popular choice for torrent users.  It overtook The Pirate Bay by 2015, by becoming the most visited Bit Torrent directory in the world.

The same case has faced by torrent site Kickass movies search engine which every other site faced. Problems like controversies, blocking and censorship issues throughout 8 years span. Kickass did try to keep it balanced as they would remove any torrent files upon ownership issues and complaints by the owners. Kickass originally started with the domain  But changed its domain name to

It was a Philippines domain name after Torrentz and Demonoid were seized by United States Department of Justice to prevent the shutdown of their own company.

As a security precaution that they don’t get put down by the United States Department of Justice, the website would change its domain name every 6 months.  The last known domain to be used by them was

Blocking began when in June 2013, Kat was removed from Google’s search lists on the request of MPAA. Moreover, next in line for kickass was being blocked by Belgian ISPs in August 2013. A further ban by Irish ISPs followed at the beginning of 2014. In 2014, Twitter started intercepting links to Kickass. Moreover, made sure to play their part in the blocking times of

But soon after by the end of the same month of February, Twitter stopped putting down kickass links on their social media network. The next chapter to follow was a ban in Malaysia in 2014 which was based on copyrights infringement. After switching to a new domain name in Somalia in 2014 namely kickass. So in months, the website was brought down which resulted to the reversion of the domain name to on the same day.

As Always makes its way out of tight situations, did not work out in 2016. The United States Department of Justice identified the alleged owner being of Ukrainian descent was charged with four counts of US criminal indictment. The domain in that time was taken down as well. The owner was arrested in Poland which led to the prompt downfall of the website. The domain was seized by the US government. The staff on the same day shut down its proxy servers and gave in. But still, it is known as best kickass movies search engine.

The removal of the site’s address from Google in July 2015, led to the users being pointed to a fake kat torrent site.  Moreover, resulted in users downloading malicious content from that position.

The site based on copyrights infringement always provided people with quality over quantity.  That’s what it led to its rise.  But in 2016, the site was finally shut down after having a successful 8 year period on the world of torrent sites.

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